• Unite Bikers Against Drugs

    Our mission is to UNITE all Christian motorcycle organizations as well as Christian bikers and non Christian bikers in a united effort to help stop the spread of drug addiction and alcoholism and substance abuse through knowledge and by offering a better way of life through Jesus Christ.

  • Welcome To U.B.A.D.

    Welcome to U.B.A.D we do not discriminate as to make or model of motorcycle you ride, we ride for the love of the ride, and for the cause. Come ride with us. Get involved help the fight against drugs.

  • The U.B.A.D. Creed

    What We Believe. Scriptures – Inspired by god and divinely authoritative The Bible is the inspired Word of God. Holy men moved upon by the Holy Spirit spoke and wrote as the Holy Spirit inspired them. We accept the whole Bible as the Word of God; but especially the New Testament of our infallible guide in all spiritual, moral, and doctrinal matters. (2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21; 1 Thessalonians 2:13)

  • We Ride For Friendship

    We do not discriminate as to make or model of motorcycle you ride, we ride for the love of the ride & for friendship. U.B.A.D. takes many rides each year. Our rides consist of day and over night trips as well as over the road tours. Come ride with us.

  • Not Just Along For The Ride

    Unite Bikers Against Drugs is not just a Christian motorcycle association filled with Christian bikers along for the ride. With you help we can become a Christian biker organization filled with Christian bikers that truly make a difference.

  • U.B.A.D. & Law Enforcement.

    The object of tU.B.A.D. is to compel active and inactive bikers, non-biker sponsors, faith based organizations, and concerned citizens to unite in the nationwide war on drugs, and to help bring together bikers to promote the awareness of a new counter-drug initiative to help law enforcement, identify drug treatment programs to families, and empower communities to no longer tolerate drug abuse in their neighborhoods and communities; to study, teach, promote and disseminate the fundamental principles and the philosophies of community involvement in the war on drugs and to bring into closer cooperation and fellowship, motorcycle enthusiasts into a common cause.

  • The U.B.A.D Store.

    You will find every sort of U.B.A.D.riding apparel, tees, caps and a lot more here at our online store. Show your support get you cap, pin or tee shirt online today!

  • U.B.A.D. Women

    You women play a very big roll on the mission of U.B.A.D. If you ride a motorcycle of if you’re just a passenger it really does not matter, you can be a member. We encourage women to get involved. U.B.A.D. Women can ride in rides, work as support, hold women’s meetings and ministries to help motivate the cause of uniting bikers against drugs as well as lead those caught in addiction to freedom in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • U.B.A.D. Rides In Support Of Others

    U.B.A.D. rides to raise money and awareness in support of many causes. On average we hold a dozen or more run’s, rides, and rallies for drug rehabilitation, substance abuse ministries and celebrate recovery organizations to raise funds to help the services they offer. Please Join Us!

  • Join U.B.A.D. Today!

    Please come and join us in our effort to fight a good fight against drugs, drug addiction and substance abuse. Husbands and wives are encouraged to join together. Single men and single women are also encouraged to join. It doesn't even matter if you ride a motorcycle you can join. If you have a heart to help stop the epidemic of drugs in our country and around the world please get involved. Join U.B.A.D. Today!

  • In Honor Of Our Brothers In Law Enforcement

    Law enforcement is the front line in defending our nation and the world against the ever growing drug epidemic and is a very big part of our mission at Unite Bikers Against Drugs. This is why we are honored to present (offer) to you the UBAD COPS patch. This 3”x 2-7/8” lower patch was created exclusively for our friends in Law enforcement allowing you to become affiliate members in support of Unite Bikers Against Drugs.

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Christian Motorcycle Ministry - Drug Addiction Ministry

  • We are not a motorcycle club

  • We are not a motorcycle group

  • We are not a motorcycle gang

  • We are much more then a motorcycle association

We are a motorcycle movement to unite bikers against drug abuse and substance abuse.

Reaching out World-Wide, to the tens of thousands of hurting helpless people, who are bound by the Hell of Drug addiction and Substance abuse with the good news of the Gospel since 2005. Join us in our dedication to help those in bondage and to fight the spread of substance abuse and drug addiction through Christ centered treatment, Ministry, Education and Law enforcement.

The Christian motorcycle association “Unite Bikers Against Drugs”, is a faith based Christian biker organization that is against the epidemic of substance abuse and drug addiction. We strongly believe that substance abuse and drug addiction is the biggest threat to the youth of our nation. Our vision is to compel both Christian bikers and non Christian bikers, Law Enforcement Motorcycle Associations, sponsors, faith based organizations and concerned citizens to become informed and get involved.

Our nation is plagued with substance abuse and drug addiction. It is not only prevalent in the motorcycle community, it is also running rampant with our youths, though out neighborhoods and in our schools. If you or someone you love suffers and is in bondage form substance abuse and drug addiction please let us point you to the real source of (Deliverance) Jesus Christ. Jesus has already set millions free. Run to Him Today, Amen. U.B.A.D. Bikers...We ride for the King with the message of the Cross! If you need help contact us here! Deliverance Through Jesus Christ

Drug addiction and substance abuse are the two major public health problems that have a major impact on society levels. Drug abuse and addiction directly or indirectly affect every person in every family. Drugs take a tremendous toll on our society at many levels. It effects everybody!

The Christian motorcycle association U.B.A.D. was created to bring drug addiction and substance abuse awareness to communities across America and to spread the good news of the Gospel to a great harvest field, the motorcycle community. Our mission is to UNITE all Christian motorcycle organizations as well as Christian bikers and non Christian bikers in a united effort to help stop the spread of drug addiction and alcoholism and substance abuse through knowledge and by offering a better way of life through Jesus Christ.

Substance abuse is not just using drugs. It is abusing drugs. Alcohol abuse or better known as alcoholism is running rampant with our teens. It is the number one drug of choice with youths today, a close second is tobacco. Prescription medication is closing the gap as the third most abused drug by our youth in America today.

If that isn’t reason enough reason to get involved, here are a few more interesting facts to think about and pray about.

• 22 million Americans have a substance abuse or dependency problem

• Only 2.5 million of them enter a hospital or clinic for treatment

• Number one drug of abuse in the United States: Alcohol

• Number two drug of abuse in the United States: Prescription painkillers

• The amount that the U.S. Federal Government will spend fighting drug abuse: $12 billion annually

• 338,000 people used heroin last month.

As a Christian biker ministry we believe that by putting Christ first, we can stand firm to defeat the evil known today as drug addiction and substance abuse.

We would like to extend an invitation to all Christian bikers and non biker Christians to pray to our living God and ask for guidance so He will guide you and show you how you can help us fight this fight.

You don’t have to belong to our Christian motorcycle organization to help. However, if you would like to join “United Bikers Against Drugs” Please email us at Deliverance Through Jesus Christ.

We are not just bikers we are also Christians against drug addiction and substance abuse. If we all stand together in the name of Jesus Christ we can overcome the evil that is drug abuse. God is calling for those that have a heart to serve Him. Unite with us; help those in bondage of drug addiction and substance abuse. As a U.B.A.D. Christian biker you can help us reach thousands for Christ and save millions from the devastation of substance abuse and drug addiction. Please unite with us to make a difference.

If you already belong to another Christian motorcycle association or Christian biker club, group or organization we are not asking you to patch over but, we are inviting you to get involved.

For more information about how you can help United Bikers Against Drugs or become a full patched member please follow the link U.B.A.D. Membership

U.B.A.D. Join The Movement from Michael Walrath on Vimeo.



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Help Us Fight Drug Addiction.

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